Naomi - Work it Up/ Dress it Down

We all know how hard it is to find pants that fit, flatter, and are comfy! So when looking for petite pants online look for 5 key things which will make sure you get the most out of your money.

  1. Style

    Petites pants that sit higher on the waist will give an illusion of height, opposed to hipster style pants that sit lower down your torso and therefore shortening your legs.

    The featured Naomi sits just below the navel.

  2. Fabric content

    Look for fabrics that contain spandex, or elastane.  These fabrics will give your petite pants a good amount of stretch and provide comfort, and also a bit of give on those off days!

    Fabrics that contain a mix of natural and man-made fibres will provide breathability in the warmer months and durability to last.

    The featured Naomi has fabric content of 52% Cotton 45% Polyester 3% Spandex

  3. Inseam length

    Check the description, good online stores will note the inseam length. Specialised petite retailers will make pants shorter than regular brands.

    Our Naomi has an inseam of 73cm across the whole size range (s4-s12) and is a perfect fit for our model who is 162cm. No alteration needed saving you time and money. Did you know the inseam length for regular pants could be up to 83cm long!

  4. Versatility

    Look at the colour/ print of the pants, and ask yourself whether it can be easily paired with different tops to create more than one look for multiple occasions.  Also consider your seasons, can the piece be a trans-seasonal item?

    We love our Naomi for its versatility, definitely one that can be packed in the luggage for those interstate work trips as it achieves many looks easily. The Cherry Mocha colour is also suitable for all seasons.  The Naomi has a good medium weight fabric and therefore is suitable for the cooler weather.  With over 50% cotton content in the fabric, this will provide breathability and comfort during the warmer months of the year.

  5. Price

    Pants are a staple item in our Petite wardrobe and worth a bit of investment. If you find the right pair, snap them up even if they are a bit more than you would hope to pay, as we all know how hard it is to shop for a pair that fits! Once you find the right ones, go back and buy more colours!

For a limited time, you can snap up our Naomi Slim Fit Petite Pant at $49 (which is over 70% off RRP).

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